Nisei, The X Files

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1. Get more sleep
2. Drink more water
3. Get more exercise
4. Read more
5. Get more organized
6. Clean more often
7. Explore more
8. Relax more
9. Have more patience
10. Be happy

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Title: Is Suicide a Solution? Artist: Coil 953 plays

What happens, what goes through your head, between throwing yourself off, and actually dying? I wondered what you thought of it. Perhaps you could call me and tell me because it would help me, because I have a terrible fear of heights, and for me, just the idea of falling, so far, and being alive… And I just wondered if things go through your head — you know, people that you love, and that, or things that you feel that you should’ve done — flash before you, but you can’t do anything about it. I just wondered what you thought.

You’re probably the only person that I can call right now. And… I’d like to see you, because I think, in a funny way we’re doing that… we’re just… don’t really connect. 

One day, you know, you’re gonna fall, or I’m gonna fall, or something’s gonna happen; and… anyway. Well, I’m very sad. You know my number. Hope you’re both well. Lots of love. Bye.

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People empty me. I have to get away to refill.

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pls take me

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